Week 2 Developing a Beat/Interviewing

Week 2 Jan. 31 Developing a Beat/Interviewing
Today we’ll discuss the triumphs and challenges you faced in your first week of neighborhood reporting.

Also on the agenda:

  • What makes a good pitch?
    * Concise but informed
    * Why should people care? Why it’s relevant, important or otherwise newsworthy
    * Why now? Look for news peg whenever possible
    * Whiff of the meat — telling details that will capture people’s interest
  • Real estate/business story pitches
  • Reporting skills: How to get information, developing your reporting style, finding story ideas, taking notes, cultivating sources
  • Interviewing
  • Entry exam — common mistakes

5 p.m. President Trump announces his nominee for Supreme Court justice.

A Brief Overview of the Supreme Court

Biographies of Current Justices
The Top 3 Contenders, The New York Times

For next week:

Write your BEAT REPORT in question-and-answer format (due Feb. 7). List the source after each question.

Report and write your business/real estate story  (due Feb. 14)



Welcome to Reporting San Francisco

Welcome to the website for Rachele Kanigel’s JOUR 300 Reporting course, Spring 2017

Week 1 Jan. 24

The agenda for today:

  • Introduction to the course and the professor
  • Review Reporting Neighborhoods and choose neighborhood beats
  • Entry exam (75 minutes)
  • Review syllabus
  • Class websites
  • Student introductions

Week 10 11/1

Agenda for the today:

News quiz

Grammar note:

AP style notes:

  • Use last name after first reference, even for a feature.
  • death, die: Don’t use euphemisms like passed on or passed away except in a direct quote.

Writing notes:

  • Avoid empty adjectives, especially good, wonderful, great.  Use details to demonstrate. Show, don’t tell.

News Feature Examples:

Backlash by the Bay: Tech Riches Alter a City

Twitter Helps Revive a Seedy San Francisco Neighborhood, The New York Times

A San Francisco Street Transformed by Food, The New York Times

As Wealth Changes the Tenderloin, a Move to Preserve Artistic ‘Gems,’ The New York Times

https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrinknp_200_200/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQrAAAAJGE0NWQ0Yjc0LWU4MjMtNDg0NS1iMmNiLTkyY2EzMWNiODEzMQ.jpgGuest Speaker: Michael Barba, San Francisco Examiner

Next week: Breaking news