Week 3 Neighborhood Websites/Hoodline

Feb. 7. Agenda for today:

  • News quiz
  • Business/Real estate story–any questions?
  • Sample story
  • Neighborhood websites
  • Entry exam review
  • Neighborhood profile assignments and common errors:

Need help with your writing? Visit the Learning Assistance Center! The center is in HSS 348. You can fill out a registration form and bring it in with you or fill one out when you go there.  Call  415 338-1993 if you have questions or need help.

At 5 p.m. we’ll meet Brittany Hopkins, associate San Francisco editor, Hoodline.


Write Business story, due Feb. 14. Remember to start one-third of the way down the page and double space to leave room for comments. And don’t forget to include your source list at the end of the story. Assignments turned in without a source list lose 10 points!

Rewrite Neighborhood story (optional). When submitting rewrite for regrading, staple the new story on top of the gradesheet and original graded story. Submit one to two weeks after you receive the graded original. I will grade the rewrite and then average the two grades.

Start working on your website. Create a website in WordPress. Name it your name or something close (RacheleKanigelJournalist.wordpress.com or RacheleSueKanigelWriter.wordpress.com. Write an About Page. Post your Neighborhood story (with errors corrected).


About rkanigel

I'm an associate professor of journalism at San Francisco State University, where I teach Introduction to Online Journalism, Reporting, Newswriting and other courses and advise Golden Gate [X]press, the student newspaper. I was a daily newspaper reporter for 15 years and I've written for many magazines and websites, including TIME, U.S. News & World Report, Prevention, Health, Reader's Digest, lime.com and CNN.com.

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